A new novel of identity, tribalism...

and mothers. 

Auslander turns his taboo-shattering satiric gaze to cannibalism in this outrageous, salty take on contemporary culture... a riotous dissection of cultural formation and a community’s hunger for meaning.

- Publisher's Weekly

Auslander uses his signature dark humor to brilliantly satirize tribalism in America… This could be a portrait of any ethnic group that has been consumed by America, though, in this case, it’s unclear who is devouring whom.

- Booklist

Mother for Dinner . . .  turns a jaundiced eye toward ethnic identity and the burdens of tradition as they concern a different oppressed minority group... the jokes are dependably good.

- The Wall Street Journal

Auslander writes like some contemporary comedic Jeremiah, thundering warnings of disaster and retribution. What makes him so terrifyingly funny is that he isn't joking.

- Howard Jacobson, winner of the Man Booker Prize

Blends tragedy, comedy and satire in the mold of Samuel Beckett and Franz Kafka.

– Wall Street Journal

A virtuoso humorist, and a brave one.

– NY Times Book Review

My pick for the funniest novel of the past decade.

– Sam Sacks, The Wall Street Journal

A New York Times

Best Book of the Year

A scathing theological rant, a funny, oddly moving coming-of-age memoir, and an irreverent meditation on family, marriage, and cultural identity... I loved it.

- Tom Perrotta

Even at his most rebellious, Portnoy-era Roth couldn't hold a candle to Shalom Auslander... Beneath the extremely funny shtick is one ferociously angry book.

- Entertainment Weekly

Funny, fierce and subversively heartfelt.... with his middle finger pointed at the heavens and a hand held over his heart, Auslander gives us Foreskin's Lament.

- NY Times Book Review

The debut of the freshest voice in Jewish Literature since Phillip Roth arrived on the scene... youthful, energetic, wholly original.

- AM Homes

...a poet laureate may be in the making... 

- LA Times Sunday Book Review

An extraordinary collection, which has an energy, a precision and a deep black humour I haven't seen in a long time... It's like drinking 14 shots of vodka.

- The Guardian

HAPPYISH on Showtime

It bites with every appearance... it’s a show that challenges its viewer every step of the way... it’s a comedy that rejects the attached expectations while still meeting all the requirements... Whether audiences are ready for that is the real question.

                                                                - Ben Travers, Indiewire


                                                                - Hollywood Reporter

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